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Yoga with Dawn


Thank you for checking out my yoga page.


I absolutely love teaching yoga to anyone that will give me a chance and always offer a free session to inspire future yogis!

During the Covid-19 pandemic timeframe, I have been teaching students both on-line and in-person outdoors, even on the coldest of days with heaters surrounding us. 


New to yoga or not, I will guide and empower you through breathe and movement from a stretch and body opener session to a vinyasa flow or a mix of both. I bring the music and essential oils to you. All you need is a flat space in a backyard or indoor gym (I'll wear a mask) and a mat for your Yoga with Dawn sessions. I work with individuals, couples and groups of all sizes, ages, body types, and mindsets. And, if you want turn Yoga with Dawn into a fundraising event, please read on about my Yoga4Others movement.

Yoga4Others is a fundraising movement that empowers individuals and families through yoga and self-care sessions led by experts in their respected fields. Proceeds from the series of events support community-based nonprofit organizations. To start a Yoga4Others and self-care movement for a cause that's important to you or your company, please reach out. 

Dawn is terrific she has been working with my husband and I since last summer of 2020 teaching us yoga and breathing she is amazing and would highly recommend. It’s a game changer for us and our bodies! 

-Lauren Statmore-Hyman

Dawn was AMAZING!! I highly recommend Dawn to lead private yoga classes with friends, family, birthday parties etc.. I am a beginner, and Dawn made me so comfortable that I forgot I was a beginner  Namaste Dawn!! 

-Shari Turbin


Dawn Schwartz was amazing. Her class was beyond relaxing, fun and inspirational. I highly recommend Dawn for personal or group yoga sessions. I felt your love & light. Thank you Dawn and Amy for a fabulous Saturday! 

-Liby Saigal 

The best thing you can do to meet your fitness goals is to vary your workouts. I used to think that meant weight training and HIIT classes but Dawn has shown me that yoga belongs in the mix too. Thanks for always opening me up from all those poses and stretches. After your classes I feel longer and lighter!

-Jackie Frank, online student


Dawn is amazing!!! Great with kids/teens as well!  My daughter and her friends loved her. 

-Gwen Samuels


Yoga with Dawn is the highlight of my week! Best remedy for undoing the pain of working at your desk all day! I love how she gives prompts the whole time!

-Lisa Tanenbaum, online student 


Dawn is the best instructor.  I need you back for a refresher! 

-Dr. William Gerard 

Dawn is awesome!!! She was the perfect person to get my teens into yoga ️ She made it fun 🤩 and she knows her stuff!!! 

-Chana Gruber 


Dawn is the best!! My 9th grader and her friends love her classes!! She has shown them how to use their breath to relax 🧘‍♀️ 

-Michelle Levitt


Best yoga classes ever. Game changer for me. 

-Michele Paige, online student

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